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Social Media Management – Oklahoma & Alabama

social media management

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ … the list of social media outlets that your business could be listed on can be a bit overwhelming when you start to think about them. Where do you even start? How do you engage and stay engaged with customers and potential customers?
Does it really matter?
Relationships always matter.

Today, social media is the hub for building and maintaining relationships, especially business-to-customer and business-to-business relations. Someone is likely to hop on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube to determine what a brand is doing, inventing, discussing and promoting.

A customer may not call you, but they’re more likely to browse your social media profiles. So, do you even have profiles for them to browse? Or are you in the dark with social media? If you are, the best first step is to just start.  

What does social media management look like?
We audit your current social media presence. If you’re lacking profiles, we create them for you.

If you’re lacking quality images and graphics, we craft those just for you. That’s an extra bonus we love to give our clients.

Once your profiles are up and running, we develop a content calendar just for you. Give us approval and we start posting, building relationships and maintaining communication with customers. We keep track of mentions, comments and queries so you’re not bogged down trying to answer. We even craft ads on Facebook and Twitter to boost your exposure.

Pretty awesome, right? We think so. And once we’ve done everything above, we send you reports of what’s going on, how much traction you’re developing, how much people are interacting and which areas we can continue to develop for you.

Does it fit my business?

Social media fits every business.

The only problem is you don’t have time to maintain your social media presence and you probably don’t have money to hire someone full time to maintain it for you. That’s where we step in.

We have partners that can manage all of your accounts, track everything and build excellent relationships. Our team of online marketers knows the psychology behind social media, when and what to post, how to interact and what to do to draw attention. It fits any business model, and it doesn’t cost a fortune or require you to hire a new staff member. Sounds pretty good, right? We hope so.

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Social media fits the framework of complete, inbound marketing. Grow and nurture real relationships. It’s all crafted to make online marketing work for you in Oklahoma, Alabama and around the country!