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Small Business Marketing: Make Social Media Easy

small business marketingWhether you like social media or not, we all must agree it’s the greatest tool for promoting content, websites, products…literally everything.

However, when it comes to small businesses, you know you need to be active on social media but you’re torn because you don’t have enough time.

Today, our small business marketing idea is about social media automation:

  • Tools for social media automation
  • Getting your social media done
  • Saving time & not wasting any


Let’s hop to it:


1. Tools You Need:

 Bust out your tool belt and get ready to load it with some serious social media tools you can use to elevate your small business.

First up –

Buffer (Free Tool):

Buffer is one of my favorite social media automation platforms. Simply connect all of your social media accounts in one place, manage the sending of messages and track basic analytics.

  • Schedule as many posts as you need
  • Schedule across all your major platforms
  • Track how many clicks each link gets from a share
  • Track interactions
  • Get suggestions for what to share

small business marketing idea

The great thing about Buffer is that it’s stripped down and not complicated at all. Anyone can use Buffer and use it effectively to manage social media.

If you’re looking for a place to get started, start with Buffer… and you’ll probably never leave.

**Also, check out their blog at blog.bufferapp.com – it’s chocked full of great online marketing genius and actionable tips.

Hootsuite (Free Tool):

Next, we have another great tool. I continue to bounce between Buffer and Hootsuite because they’re a bit different.

Hootsuite is a bit more robust with options, so it’s worth diving into if you have more time and want to do more with your social media game. It’s similar to Buffer in that it allows you schedule posts across so many social media platforms.

However, where Buffer sort of falls short, Hootsuite allows you to reply directly from the app, along with the options to like, retweet, favorite and track streams of posts and tweets.

Some features to highlight:

  • Schedule posts across multiple platforms
  • Track replies and interactions
  • Respond and interact within the app
  • Set up streams to monitor and track topics

small business marketing idea

Again, the plus with Hootsuite is all of the features and functionality you receive. Sure, it’s a bit more to handle at first, but it can work wonders for your small business marketing plan if you implement it right.

2. Getting Your Social Media Done

You’ve got two great tools – now what? Now, it’s time to use them and start ramping up your social media without breaking your back or wasting any time.

Here are two plans of attack I recommend:

  1. Weekly social media sessions: instead of trying to tackle your social media every single day… set aside one day to schedule all of your posts and content for the week. Once it’s all scheduled and ready to roll out, all you need to do is manage interactions throughout the week. You can manage those when you have downtime or in between tasks/projects.
  2. Daily social media sessions: if you don’t like the weekly approach, then you can do what our team does – we tackle social media for about 30 minutes each morning. We schedule our posts for the day and manage our interactions from the previous day.


Now, let me answer some quick questions I know you have:

  • How often should I post? For Facebook = 1x a day is good. Twitter = 4x a day is good. LinkedIn = 1x per day is good. Google+ = 2x a day is good. Pinterest = 2-3x a day is good.
  • When should I post? We recommend posting when people are typically on each channel. You may have to test this to truly know, so try scheduling posts for different times during the day and see which ones get more interactions. Track this over a week or see and determine the patterns.
  • What should I post? You can post a whole multitude of things, but here are my favorites – industry news, helpful articles/blogs, photos of projects, photos on-the-job, your content, your services, your products, testimonials from your customers… the list goes on. Just remember to mix it up and only post promotional material 25% of the time.

3. Saving Time & Not Wasting Any

Using Buffer or Hootsuite is a major time saver. I promise.

And it pays returns. As I’m sitting here, I just received 3 favorites and 3 clicks on a tweet I scheduled yesterday to roll out today.

The little bit of time I took to write and schedule my post for today is now paying off while I’m doing other things.

Some people hate automation because they say it isn’t personal. I laugh at them. I guess they don’t like to save time. I say automation is great because it allows you spend more time working on your small business and allows you interact on social when you need to.

Here’s a final tip for saving time and not wasting any —


Use Feedly (Free Tool):

Feedly allows you to follow all of your favorite blogs and news sites all in one location. You can flip through everything quickly and efficiently. Find interesting news in your industry. Share it now or save it for later.

Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Follow all of your favorite sites/blogs
  2. Flip through it everyday for the latest tidbits
  3. Start tossing articles/blogs into your social media tool
  4. Schedule a bunch of great content to go out
  5. Keep your audience informed with everything you’re following and tracking

small business marketing

Boom. You just saved even more time and you generated a bunch of content for your social media accounts.

Here’s a recap:

  1. Pick Buffer or Hoosuite, or both
  2. Pick a day to do all of your social media scheduling
  3. Use Feedly to find great content
  4. Schedule as much as you can
  5. Monitor your interacions and see what works and what doesn’t
  6. Track the best times to post and start developing patterns
  7. Always remember to respond to people who interact with you


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