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All of our online marketing services are focused on inbound strategy. What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is the present and future of online marketing. It’s the art and strategy of building trust, credibility and real relationships within your market. Gone are the days of mass marketing campaigns with little personalization.

The consumer has changed, so marketers must change. The consumer is incredibly informed. We assist you in meeting the consumer at the right time with the right information to initiate a positive, trusting relationship. That is how our online marketing services WIN for you!

Search Engine Optimization

When people need a service or need to buy something, they simply don’t pick up the phone book anymore. More than 75% of the time, the first thing they are going to do is search online for a business that has what they need. Will they find you, or will they find your competitors?

That’s where we come in. Our SEO strategies will help you be more visible in the search engines to potential customers.

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PPC Management

Pay per click advertising, or PPC, is an excellent way to get your product or service in front of customers. However, done wrong, it can be a great way to lose a significant amount of money. It can also be quite a hassle to keep up with, and it can quickly get away from you if you do not manage it on an almost daily basis. Let us manage your PPC campaigns so that you can run your business while we make sure you are getting the high quality leads you are paying for!

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Social Media Management

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. YouTube. Now Pinterest. It seems like the web keeps filling up with more and more social media platforms for us to manage as business owners. While it would be easy to ignore them, smart businesses and growing businesses don’t.

Let us remove the hassle of trying to keep up with all the social media platforms by managing it for your business! We can post on your behalf, create engaging content, monitor what people are saying about your business, and even help you respond to customers who are posting questions publicly.

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Web Design

Your website is like your “front door” on the internet, and in many cases, will be the first thing potential buyers will see about your business, often long before they even see your real front door. You want to make the best first impression, and you want to do so whether they are looking at your site on a mobile device, tablet, or computer.

At Genesis Net Development, we create website you’ll be proud of that look spectacular on any device.

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Web Development

Finding good, consistent help with web projects is almost impossible…almost. We know. We’ve been there. We struggled finding good web developers that were affordable enough to be feasible, but that also showed up, communicated, and got the job done properly.  That’s why we hired our own.

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Sometimes words alone just don’t cut it. Sometimes a chart is just too boring. That’s where “infographics” come in. a stunning combination of both text and visual data allows you to present your (otherwise ignored) content in a compelling format.

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Video Marketing

A video draws an audience. A professional video keeps an audience. A targeted video converts visitors into customers.

When people land on your website, they don’t want just a wall of text. They’d rather catch a glimpse of who you are, what you do and how you can add value to their life. Sure, you need text on your website, but you also need to combine text with striking media.

A visitor is much more likely to click play on a video than read a wall of text. So, why not cater to your audience’s preferences? Provide your visitors with an intriguing, professional video that communicates the value you offer.

  • 90% of online shoppers said they found videos helpful in making purchase decisions
  • 4 billion hours spent by visitors watching video just on YouTube
  • 89 million people in the U.S. will watch an online video today
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Animated Explainer Videos

Sometimes, something just can’t be conveyed in words. At least not clearly. At other times, you just don’t have the time or resources to do a great-quality live video. (Or, maybe you just don’t want to be on camera!) That’s where our animated explainer videos come in.

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Our offices are located in both Alabama and Oklahoma – providing online marketing services in Alabama, Oklahoma and around the country.