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Marketing a Small Business: The Frequency of SEO

marketing a small businessRecently, we had a client ask us about the frequency of posting blogs:

“How does it work with Google if you only post every once in a while?”

For this client, he’s wondering if only posting a few times over the course of a few months is even beneficial. Does the frequency matter? Does Google take this into consideration?

All great questions to ask.

Today, we’re going to explore this more and provide you with greater insight as you ramp up your small business online marketing.

Does Frequency Matter?

On the surface, yes, the frequency of how often you post a blog/article on your website does matter.

Here’s what frequency communicates to your audience and to Google:

  1. You’re alive and active (people like active websites)
  2. You’re taking the time to post content (again, you’re active)
  3. You actually care about what’s on your website
  4. You want to add content to the internet
  5. You’re worth following and keeping up with
  6. You’re worth elevating to the top of search engines if people are engaging with your content


Frequency is also great for these reasons:

  • The more blogs/articles you post, the more Google has to index
  • The more pages indexed, the greater your chances are of climbing the ranks
  • More opportunities to educate your audience
  • More opportunities to add value to your market and niche


HubSpot has also discovered this data:

Companies that published 16+ posts per month got almost 3.5x more traffic than companies that published between 0-4 monthly posts.

So, the data is in favor of frequency.



It’s Not All About Frequency

You could read the last section and decide: I’m going to post 16 blogs/articles a month and then I’ll be surging with traffic.

Sure, that’s a possibility, but you might write 16 posts that no one really cares about and none of those add any value to your market. They could be 16 irrelevant, unimportant, boring posts… but hey, your frequency is good, right??

So, what else are you missing?

Here’s what you’re missing:

  • Researching your market to know what to write and post about
  • Intimately knowing your customers’ questions
  • Seeking to answer those questions in great depth
  • Taking time to develop content that matters
  • Doing your research with each post and adding takeaways people actually need


If you’re all about frequency, then you’re all about quantity. And what does that override? Of course, it overrides quality.

And if there’s anything we know about Google these days: it dislikes quantity over quality.

Before major algorithm updates, people were spamming websites like crazy. They were using the “frequency rule” like a bunch of maniacs. They were posting tons upon tons of useless content just to rank for terms they wanted. They were all about frequency… and what happened??

Google rolled out an algorithm called Panda and it works to rake away all of the poor, garbage content out there that’s only focused on frequency.


But Still, What About Google and What It Sees:

You may still be asking: but will Google notice me if I’m not posting as much as others?

Yes and no.

Again, it goes back to our last point. If you’re at a low frequency and low quality, then yes, Google is going to skip over you. There are too many people out there with low frequency and quality.

However, if you bump your quality up and really take into consideration our last points about research, then you’ll begin to publish content people actually want to read.

And Google is in the business of pairing searchers with the most helpful content.

So, if you know your customers have a question about the benefits of something… spend as much time as you can digging into the benefits in a blog/article and don’t skimp on the details. Then publish it and see what happens.

Will it take Google some time to discover it?

Yes, Google won’t acknowledge your post immediately, especially if your website isn’t super authoritative.

It will take Google a few weeks, maybe months, to push your content higher. But, as it goes higher and more people view it, then you’ll begin to receive the reward you need.

Example: a client has had great success with a blog post, but it took nearly 6 months for the post to take off and for Google to bump it to the top.

 The reality is—it can be a slow game with Google and it typically is. BUT… once you get noticed, all you need is one post to shoot your website to the top and you get more website traffic, more brand exposure and more opportunity to do it again.


Our Case for Both:

The perfect harmony is this: frequency and value together.

If you can manage frequent posts with rich content—content that is valuable and researched—then you’re on your way to successful online marketing.

However, let’s be real. Most small businesses don’t have time for high frequency and high value. So, what do they do? They often pick one or the other.

Small businesses either sacrifice quality and run with frequency because someone has preached frequency to them, or they drop frequency altogether and only post once in a blue moon.

What’s realistic for your small business?

Here’s what we’ve seen work:

  1. Focus on one awesome topic for the month
  2. Ask your customers’ or clients’ what their major questions are regarding your business (price, features, benefits, contracts, etc.)
  3. Determine what you need to address right now
  4. Spend the month gathering market data, insights and research
  5. As you’re gathering, compile your information into a rough draft of a post
  6. Start to turn the rough draft into a final product
  7. Try to publish at least 1,000 words
  8. Promote it across your channels: email, social media, etc.


If you lower your frequency just a bit, to a manageable level, then you’ll have time to post exactly what you need and exactly what your audience needs. Dropping your frequency allows you to spend more time researching and adding value to what you’re posting.

So, our proposition is this: keep your frequency to one post per month to start (you can increase this later). Focus more on the value of the post. And then spend time promoting it once you’re done.


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