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In Three Minutes — How To Get Legit Backlinks with One Tool

small business online marketingAgain, we’re doing speed courses on online marketing tactics that work. I’ve used all of these. They work. I’ve proven them.

People love to write incredibly long posts about online marketing with all of this theory. Well, the theory is great for me (as a marketing pro), but it’s not great for you who want to learn real strategies. So, we’re speeding up the online marketing training.


Let’s jump in…

  1. Go to HARO (Help A Reporter Out) — http://www.helpareporter.com/
  2. Sign up as a source to receive emails
  3. Flip through the 3 emails daily (morning, afternoon, evening) looking in sections relevant to what you do

Screenshot 2015-09-03 09.15.26

(Example of what the emails look like. Click the links within the email to respond.)

  1. Find all relevant articles you can weigh in on
  2. Click the links within the email. Look at the article pitch and what the writer wants. Then email the really weird looking email address (it’s legit) with your response.
  3. Get mentioned!!


Within the first 10 pitches I ever made, I received 3 responses from writers who wanted to include me within their articles/blog posts.

Which other methods do you have getting that great of a response??? None.

Here’s why HARO is so great — these are legitimate writers in need of sources. They are telling you they have a need, so take them up on their offer. If you pitch yourself well enough, you’ll get a response. And then you get included in an article with a backlink. Score!


Here are 3 of my favorites that I’ve landed:




Okay, but how do you pitch really well??


Let me teach you how to pitch yourself so you land mentions and backlinks:

First, here’s an example of a great response I wrote:

Screenshot 2015-09-03 09.19.59

Here’s the breakdown of what I do:

  1. Respond with the reporter/writer’s name (make it personal)
  2. Open your email with your credentials. For me, it peaks people’s interest that I’m a 23-year old entrepreneur. You have permission to flaunt your credentials here.
  3. Then answer their questions or provide quick insight regarding the topic they’re asking about. Make it snappy and make it good. Use personal stories. Use some numbers too.
  4. Close by telling them you’d like to talk more or provide more information


Here’s another example:

Screenshot 2015-09-03 09.19.15

Your Takeaway:

-Legit backlinks take time to get, so go directly to where people want to include you on their website (go to their watering hole)

-HARO is completely free and you receive 3 emails a day with articles

-Spend 15–30 minutes/day responding to as many as you can. You WILL land some mentions, promise.

-Follow my guidelines for pitching, lead with your credentials, make it personal and you’ll get links.

-All of these links will boost the authority of your website, your exposure, your website traffic and your rankings.

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