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How to Answer Questions with Your Website

Welcome back to another episode of Marketing Mondays, we’re glad you’re here. Did you know your small business website could answer your customers’ questions?

The most successful websites provide answer to their customers’ questions and make it easy for anyone to find an answer. When someone uses a search engine, they’re typically looking for specific information, and typically, an answer to a question they have.

If your website answers their question, and answers it well, then you build trust with them. And building trust can lead to a transaction. Here’s how you should consider your website, and your small business internet marketing efforts, in terms of answering questions:

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify your customers’ questions
  • Determine how you can best answer those questions (more on-page content, blogs, videos, photos, pricing info, a tutorial, etc.)
  • Start beefing up your website with the answers people want
  • See if your competitors are answering questions. If not, beat them to the punch. If so, how can you answer them better?
  • Being transparent can boost your trust and credibility


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