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Construction Marketing Ideas: 5 Articles to Read This Week (Aug. 6)

construction marketing ideasWe’ve started a newsletter. Now, before you think: “oh great, another newsletter” let me just say, this one is specifically targeted for construction professionals (builders, plumbers, electricians, etc.) and it’s all about marketing.

Since we’re a team of professional online marketers, and we enjoy working with construction companies, we thought we’d compile the best marketing articles and info each week just for construction.

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And here’s a recap of this week’s if you missed it:

#1 – Studies Show Top Marketing Trends in Construction Industry

Your takeaway: Website development and local SEO (search engine optimization) are among the two tactics construction companies are ramping up for marketing and lead generation. Construction companies and contractors are moving more away from conventional methods to embrace online. The trend is online!


#2 – Local Businesses Squeezed Out of Organic Search by Larger Websites 

Your takeaway: big websites will beat you out for generic keywords, such as “home builder” or “plumber.” Where local businesses can win is with “long-tail keywords” on their websites, such as “Ohio custom home builder” or “slab leak plumber in Oklahoma City.”


#3 – LinkedIn Essentials: When to Post, What to Post & How to Improve

Your takeaway: LinkedIn send 4 times as many people to your website homepage than Facebook and Twitter. People want industry insights. Don’t post in the evening, late afternoon or weekend (low engagement). Post at least 20 times per month.


#4 – 10 SEO Myths You Shouldn’t Believe 

Your takeaway: SEO isn’t a scam, it takes lots of effort and research. Google won’t just figure out what you’re about and promote you. Doing SEO once doesn’t cut it. You can’t rank #1 for everything and you can’t rank overnight for something. 


#5 – Simplify Employee Timekeeping: Timesheet Mobile™

Your takeaway: A leading mobile app to help you keep track of contractor time and work while people are on the job and not reporting directly to your office each day. Simplify timekeeping, but keep track of everything. 


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