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Construction Marketing Ideas: Article Round Up (Aug. 13)

construction marketing ideasEvery week, our team rounds up some of the online marketing articles they’re reading and the ones that apply best to the construction industry, and we publish a stellar (extremely useful) email newsletter for people.

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Here is the roundup of the articles we sent out on Aug. 13, in case you missed the content:


Construction Marketing Survey Results: Which Tactics Are Being Used?

Your takeaway: In a national survey, the top internet tactics to be used by construction pros this year are website development, social media, SEO and content marketing. If you have a great website, move on to the other three. Establish your business on social media and post a on a regular schedule. Brand yourself as a local expert for SEO. And consider writing some blogs about what your business is doing and how you benefit others.

Shift in Consumer Behavior & How They Interact Online

Your takeaway: Today, more people search the web on their mobile device than their desktop. It’s more important now than ever to tailor online experiences to your audience’s mobile device than their desktop. And now, Google is testing ways for people to hire home professionals straight from their search engine—this is something we’ll keep you posted on.

20 Simple, Useful Content Marketing Tips 

Your takeaway: Most people don’t realize topics for their next blog post or article actually exist within their email. Customers and clients are asking you questions everyday. Think—how can I answer these on my blog? Also, if you create a great blog, consider creating a video out of it. Or try creating a PowerPoint. This is what we call “recycling” content.

Facebook Ads: What $5/Day Will Get You

Your takeaway: Facebook is now a pay-to-play model. If you don’t pay to boost your posts, only 20% of your following will see what you’re sharing. So, you can pay as little as $5 now to boost your post to reach 1,000 or so people. Even if they don’t click your ad, you still get more exposure than you would before. But, we caution you to only boost the best ads and best content you have. Don’t waste even $5 on something that won’t convert.

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