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The Stickiness Factor of Websites

In today’s episode of Marketing Mondays, we discussed “stickiness” and how it relates to the online marketing world, especially for small business marketing. Is your website sticky? What does that even mean? Stickiness plays a major role in the value of your small business website and how you’re assisting your audience online. Watch our quick […]

how often to tweet

How Often Should You Be Tweeting, Seriously

You know social media is important, especially for business branding. So you signed up for Twitter and are just getting started. Or maybe you’ve had Twitter for some time now and you’re getting back to it because you realize its importance for small business internet marketing. However, you’re wondering… how often should I be tweeting? […]

small business internet marketing

Is Google’s Search Algorithm Going to Change Soon?

This week we stumbled across some pretty big news coming from Google in regards to its search algorithm. Sounds fancy, huh? Well, the papers they released outlining their research all sound fancy, but it’s something we all need to pay attention to as we’re marketing online. For small business internet marketing, which is our focus […]

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Marketing Mondays [Video] – Virtual Storefront

Our new “Marketing Mondays” video series is in full swing now. We’re excited to provide 3-5 minute marketing chats, debriefs and pep talks to get your online marketing working right for you. We promise to not get all technical and convoluted. Our goal is to equip you with one key strategy per video. The strategies […]


Here’s What We Learned in 5 Months on Twitter

We aren’t Twitter geniuses by any means. We didn’t start using Twitter religiously until last summer when we added another full-time employee to handle more of our social media and SEO projects. Since then, we’ve grown our presence tremendously and carved out a little space on Twitter to engage. However, we use Twitter enough to […]

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Our Social Media Strategy in 30 Minutes

Another post about social media, right? You know. Social media interaction is important and necessary for your business. But you don’t have time. You don’t really know what to do when you do get on social media. You give up because you don’t have a plan. Hey…we were in the exact same boat early on. […]

small business marketing

The Good, Bad & Ugly of Small Business Home Page Design

Want to see a real example of a home page that converts? The science of a good home page can be as complicated as you want to make it. Many small businesses focus on the wrong issues for their home page. Sometimes they get caught up in themselves and not on the customer. This can […]

Improving Search Engine Ranking

Why Your Search Rankings Aren’t Everything

A client recently called wondering why he wasn’t getting many leads via his website. He asked about his rankings and whether he had fallen behind. After a quick look at his local rankings on Google, I told him he remained #1 and #2 for most of his local/niche keywords within his state. For the longest […]

small business marketing

The Year to Adapt Your Small Business Marketing

Is your online marketing keeping up with the times? Don’t let your marketing strategy go the way of the Walkman. It’ the beginning of 2015 and you have an amazing opportunity to get a clear picture of what this year can do for your business. We’ve worked with countless small businesses in Alabama, Oklahoma across […]

how to market a construction company

How To Market a Construction Company – (Step 3)

Welcome back to our “How To Market a Construction Company” series! Let’s get locked in for another powerful round of important and necessary information regarding online marketing for construction companies. Today, we’re going to look at the importance of search, how your construction company achieves higher results on a search engine and how you can […]