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small business marketing ideas

Small Business Marketing Ideas: Finding & Answering Questions for Online Traction

In our last post, I told the story of how we helped one small business land a top, nationally ranked blog post, which has fueled 4,000 views to their site (just from the post) and calls from coast-to-coast. How did we do this?  We did it by: finding and answering questions.  Today, my small business […]

small business online marketing

How To Get Your Blog Post Nationally Ranked & Racking in Views

Wouldn’t it be nice to rank your website nationally for keywords relevant to your market? That would be excellent. Everyone wants high levels of exposure online, but most don’t even know how to approach online marketing. Today, I’m going to run through a case study of how we helped a small truss manufacturing business rank […]

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How Behavior Flow Can Save You from Tragedy

Most people run at the thought of analytics and crunching data. I used to be one of those guys. If you handed me a sheet of data, I’d probably scan it for one second and toss it to the side in the next second. Data seems so boring… until you recognize data can lead to […]

small business online marketing

Making the Most of Google Analytics for Small Business

In this week’s Google Hangout session, some of our team discussed Google Analytics for small businesses. Sure, it sounds boring, but what if your analytics told you exactly what to do online so you could get more business? That sounds nice, right? Well, in fact, analytics provides the data we need to make informed decisions […]

small business internet marketing

Winning Elements of Small Business Website Homepages

The homepage of your small business website is the landing page – where potential customers/clients land and decide whether they want to purchase or not. And you want everyone to decide to purchase, right? When a small business has a website designed, they typically forget a few crucial, crucial elements. These neglected elements can lead to […]

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Did Mobilegeddon Really Happen?

On our first Google Hangout, I sat down with some of our team – Casey and Milan – to discuss whether Google’s highly-anticipated mobile algorithm update really made such a big impact. In particular, we discussed the nature of the new change and how it’s going to affect small businesses in the long run. See what […]

small business marketing ideas

15 Quick Online Marketing Wins for Small Business

Doesn’t online marketing seem like rocket science at times? People just share a bunch of fluff ideas and theories, but none of it really makes sense to you as a small business owner or manager. You know you need to do more online, but where do you even start? Well, we work with small businesses like […]

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Small Business Blogging – When You Don’t Have Ideas

One of the most popular questions I’m asked is “can you just write it for me?” Well sure, I guess I could write it for you but it wouldn’t be you. It wouldn’t have your knowledge or expertise. It wouldn’t be as true to your industry or speak to your audience quite as well. Sure, […]

small business internet marketing

How to Answer Questions with Your Website

Welcome back to another episode of Marketing Mondays, we’re glad you’re here. Did you know your small business website could answer your customers’ questions? The most successful websites provide answer to their customers’ questions and make it easy for anyone to find an answer. When someone uses a search engine, they’re typically looking for specific information, […]

small business internet marketing

Get Your Small Business on Google Listings, Real Fast

  You know most people are searching online for products and services. You know the majority of people use Google. And you know your small business needs to be listed toward the top to grab most of the searchers. But how? Google seems so complicated. People throw around this term—SEO—like you know what it means, […]