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Which Questions to Ask a Web Design and/or Marketing Firm

    Sadly, we’ve had several clients come to us after having a poor experience with other designers and marketers. It’s sad because they’ve been ripped off and treated poorly. It’s happy, because we get to help them and make things right. So, whether you’re in the middle of a project with a firm you’re […]

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In Three Minutes – I’ll Teach You How to Audit Your Website for SEO (Part 1)

Again, we’re here teaching you quick snippets of online marketing to boost your small business, your website and your online reach. We know there’s a time and place for lengthier content, but with this series of posts our goal is to educate you and do it fast. So let’s jump into this small business online […]

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In Three Minutes — How To Get Legit Backlinks with One Tool

Again, we’re doing speed courses on online marketing tactics that work. I’ve used all of these. They work. I’ve proven them. People love to write incredibly long posts about online marketing with all of this theory. Well, the theory is great for me (as a marketing pro), but it’s not great for you who want […]

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Get Your Small Business Listed Online & Boost Marketing Exposure [Video]

Every week, our marketing team sits down to discuss online marketing for small businesses—strategies, trends, tips, tricks and tactics we’ve used and know work. In this particular episode, we discussed what “citations” and “listings” are and how crucial they are for small businesses and their online marketing presence. Listings are crucial SEO fundamental building blocks […]

Google Local Pack Changes: Impact on Small Businesses

Google’s most recent changes to the local pack of listings shakes up the way local businesses are exposed. Prior to this recent change, 7 local businesses were listed for local search queries. Now, there are only 3 listings. This changes search engine marketing for small businesses dramatically. We gathered a few members of our marketing […]

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Construction Marketing Ideas: Article Round Up (Aug. 13)

Every week, our team rounds up some of the online marketing articles they’re reading and the ones that apply best to the construction industry, and we publish a stellar (extremely useful) email newsletter for people. It’s completely free and you can sign up to receive this great content here: fivethings.construction Here is the roundup of the […]

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Small Business Marketing Impact: Google Local Pack Changes

If you haven’t heard, or noticed, Google recently slimmed the local 7-pack of business listings down to only 3. Gasp. Now you’re asking, why? Well, Google is a business just like you and they want to make more money. By slimming local listing results down, they’re encouraging more people to purchase ads, which increases their […]

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Construction Marketing Ideas: 5 Articles to Read This Week (Aug. 6)

We’ve started a newsletter. Now, before you think: “oh great, another newsletter” let me just say, this one is specifically targeted for construction professionals (builders, plumbers, electricians, etc.) and it’s all about marketing. Since we’re a team of professional online marketers, and we enjoy working with construction companies, we thought we’d compile the best marketing articles […]

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Marketing a Small Business: The Frequency of SEO

Recently, we had a client ask us about the frequency of posting blogs: “How does it work with Google if you only post every once in a while?” For this client, he’s wondering if only posting a few times over the course of a few months is even beneficial. Does the frequency matter? Does Google […]

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Small Business Marketing: Make Social Media Easy

Whether you like social media or not, we all must agree it’s the greatest tool for promoting content, websites, products…literally everything. However, when it comes to small businesses, you know you need to be active on social media but you’re torn because you don’t have enough time. Today, our small business marketing idea is about […]