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It was fortunate day for me when I met Casey. He has undertaken daunting and difficult projects with zeal and professionalism and demonstrated a level of expertise, ethics and knowledge that far surpass the standard in the industry. One could wish for no better than to have Casey handling any SEO related project.
- Dr. Bryan Bruno | Owner, Greenpoint Marketing

How Often Should You Be Tweeting, Seriously

How Often Should You Be Tweeting, Seriously&h=78&w=200&zc=1

You know social media is important, especially for business branding. So you signed up for Twitter and are just getting started. Or maybe you’ve had Twitter for some time now and you’re getting back to it because you realize its importance for small business internet marketing. However, you’re wondering… how often should I be tweeting? […]

Is Google’s Search Algorithm Going to Change Soon?

Is Google’s Search Algorithm Going to Change Soon?&h=78&w=200&zc=1

This week we stumbled across some pretty big news coming from Google in regards to its search algorithm. Sounds fancy, huh? Well, the papers they released outlining their research all sound fancy, but it’s something we all need to pay attention to as we’re marketing online. For small business internet marketing, which is our focus […]

Marketing Mondays [Video] – Virtual Storefront

Marketing Mondays [Video] – Virtual Storefront&h=78&w=200&zc=1

Our new “Marketing Mondays” video series is in full swing now. We’re excited to provide 3-5 minute marketing chats, debriefs and pep talks to get your online marketing working right for you. We promise to not get all technical and convoluted. Our goal is to equip you with one key strategy per video. The strategies […]