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Our business has steadily increased since bringing in Genesis Net Development for our web marketing needs. In fact, we have easily made $10 for every $1 we have spent with Genesis Net Development
- Lance Dockins | Owner, VRAZER


Google Ranking Factors: 5 to Capture for Small Business

Google Ranking Factors: 5 to Capture for Small Business&h=78&w=200&zc=1

I was conducting a bit of research this morning. You know, sharpening my online marketing tools so we can continue to provide quality service. And I stumbled through a bunch of hype and awful articles. I figured… if you’re a small business owner trying to figure out small business marketing online, then you’re even more […]

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Maximize Website Traffic: One Blog Equals More Content

Maximize Website Traffic: One Blog Equals More Content&h=78&w=200&zc=1

Early on in my content creation days, I started wondering: you know, I’m blogging a lot and then wasting time coming up with ideas for other content, like videos, podcasts, eBooks, guides and such. Then it hit me like a truck: duh, you can use those same ideas but REPURPOSE them in other forms.  It […]

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[Podcast] Understanding & Tracking Marketing ROI

[Podcast] Understanding & Tracking Marketing ROI&h=78&w=200&zc=1

In this week’s episode, our team sits down to discuss traditional forms of marketing and why they’re not cutting it anymore. We discuss how businesses can look toward online marketing, why online marketing is so essential and how online analytics can help us with our ROI and getting more bang for our buck. It’s educational […]

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